What’s a comfortable position for my left arm?  None!  Ugh!

Oh yeh.  I pulled a muscle in my right arm this afternoon.  God!  How am I gonna make it until the end of next month with one wing on the mend and another that’s ready to go at any time?

Random Thoughts for Saturday


I’m not saying hospital or rehab toilet paper is bad but I think that I could have sanded the bird houses with it before I painted them.  Maybe next time if I ever have to use it again I’ll be smart enough to sand some of my ass off of my ass.  The stuff is damn hard on your hiney.

We’re off to a good start for PT and OT therapy today.  “No!” I really don’t like doing it.  “Yes!” I understand that I “MUST” do them if I want to get better.  Ugh!  I’ll be glad when I am finished with them.

It’s a rather tropical 24*F (-4C) out there today.  It would be good walking weather for outside if I could tie my shoes.  I’ll hafta see if the WalMart has some Hickies Elastic shoelaces in stock or if I need to order some from  They work great on my sneakers.

Ooooo!  College football bowl season has started.  It will give me something to watch during the day to stay occupied whenever I’m not doing PT/OT.

Big Boy misses the birds as well.  He needs something to titter at when he’s keeping me company while I have my morning coffee.  They are ever so slowly returning tho.  Maybe they’re trying to tell me something.