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  1. oh i hear this! think i’ve actually burnt a couple of my guardian angels out … i have visions of them stomping into headquarters saying ‘f**k this shit … i don’t get paid enough for this!’. but little do they know that i am grateful for every one of them … i wouldn’t be here otherwise … & neither would you by the sounds of it ! xx

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  2. I typed out a really long comment which became way too long and I don’t want to hijack your post 😶 so I will just write my own blog at some point and you can read it or not. I will just say that I am glad you made it home and I am cheering on your recovery and forbidding you to get up on a ladder for at least 5 years. ❤

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  3. This may surprise you Jim but I’m heavily into angels 😇 calling myself spiritual more than religious. I too believe that we are watched over, I loved the photo with this post it actually made me laugh whilst sitting here beside my mum who is fast asleep.

    You have a great inner strength Jim and although you may feel just like the angel in your photo you will bounce back , stronger and fitter! 😉

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  4. My beliefs are the same as yours. I used to think I was an atheist, or at least an agnostic, but too many unexplained things have happened in my life for there not to be something out there watching over me, or perhaps some kind of universal life force that can be tapped in times of extreme stress. You’ll find strength when and where you need to. Hugs, Jim.

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  5. If your luck is not wearing thin, your body will soon start becoming more breakable, less reliable. I agree there is a higher power that could be called many names, but I believe that higher power gave us brains to be used and common sense to be exercised. Not saying I always do, just saying I recognize the need.

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