I’m home once again and it feels strange to return to what I now refer to as “the scene of the crime”.  I basked in the privacy that only your own place can offer you.  The cats warmed back up after a while and begged for attention.  A friend cleaned the snow off the deck so I could give them water for the bird bath and feeders refilled with seed.  There are still no birds.  I wonder if the decoded to abandon my place for something offering feed on a daily basis.  I’m sure they’ll eventually find their way back.

I had a 30 minute shower late this afternoon washing my self clean once again.  I had nothing but sponge baths aside from two sitting showers in rehab.  It felt great to soak in the warmth of the water.  It was better after drying off and feeling clean once again.

I have a dent in my left forearm where a muscle used to be.  I’m not sure what’s up with it or if it’s going to be a permanent condition.  Time will tell I suppose.  The incision scar is slowly revealing itself and will be the source of some good lies.  My hip … it woke me at 2:00 AM to let me know that it’s still broken and I wasn’t on opioids any longer.  Tonight will hopefully be better for sleeping.


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  1. I know you are happy to be home, there really is no place like one’s own little sanctuary. YOu will keep healing and get back to normal, but be patient. It takes time. And the birds will come back once they see the food is being put out. I know, I have gone off and left my birds without food for a couple of weeks and at first it seems they are gone, but they always return shortly.
    Hang in there lil brother. ❤

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