Five for Friday

I blame the meds for letting me forget to post this for today.  Let’s see …

1. It’s amazing how I lost track of the date and day of the week in here.  It’s hard to fathom that today actually is a Friday.

2.  The splint and bandage is off but my typing still sucks.   My left arm hurts to some degree whenever I try to type.  I know … give it time.  I wonder if I’ll need an ergo keyboard.  Therapy is going well tho.

3. I’m wondering just how much wine my oldest pinched from my wine rack.  LOL/

4. Hey.  These nurses here are on to me.  I’ll hafta up my game.

5. I need to start munching on my store of goodies that people have brought in for me.

There ya have it.  Kinda poor but like I said the meds are messing with my head.  LOL

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