Five for Friday

I blame the meds for letting me forget to post this for today.  Let’s see …

1. It’s amazing how I lost track of the date and day of the week in here.  It’s hard to fathom that today actually is a Friday.

2.  The splint and bandage is off but my typing still sucks.   My left arm hurts to some degree whenever I try to type.  I know … give it time.  I wonder if I’ll need an ergo keyboard.  Therapy is going well tho.

3. I’m wondering just how much wine my oldest pinched from my wine rack.  LOL/

4. Hey.  These nurses here are on to me.  I’ll hafta up my game.

5. I need to start munching on my store of goodies that people have brought in for me.

There ya have it.  Kinda poor but like I said the meds are messing with my head.  LOL

Friday Morning

I was wondering why m PA said it would take another 2-3 months for my left arm to heal.  The edema in my left hand is subsiding and my hand isn’t as stiff.  I’m doing my range of motion exercises like I should.  It finally sunk in this morning when I found my arm as stiff, weak and tender as it was yesterday.  There are some interesting times ahead of me this winter.  It’s got me wondering how I’ll be taking care of myself after a full examination of my right shoulder come January or February.  We’ll figure it all out.

I’m kinda nervous about going home on Tuesday.  It will be like returning to the scene of the crime for me.  It’s got me kinda sorta anxious about that moment when I get out of my ride home.