Thursday Noon

It came to me this morning.  I have been living like a senior for the last three weeks.  I say this because I’m surrounded by people who are 80+ years old and here I am just “a kid”.  It’s been one helluva an eye opening experience for me to witness and feel first hand how they are treated.  I can’t say that I look forward to that time of my life when I pretty well surrender my independence for comfort and caring.  I’m not going to be a good resident when my time comes.

Meanwhile back at the ranch …

I took the compression sleeves off this morning and my left arm is just soaking in lotion.  I have some pretty good bruising to remind me of what happened.  I go home on Tuesday (touch wood).  All will be good then.  It will feel good to once again sit at my table, drinking coffee and watch my birds.


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  1. Aww that makes me sad 😦 I work with the elderly in my day job. I always try my best to treat them with kindness and respect, to make their day a little bit better. I’m glad you are getting out in a few days.

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  2. Well, everyone has said everything to say in the comments so the only thing left for me to ask a question … “Touch Wood?????” 😏😉
    Sorry, you know me…

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  3. I’ve seen it first hand how the elderly are treated when my mom was in the nursing home (after two years and at 80 years of age, she’s back in the community by the way). I always bristled when the nurses and/or aides would talk baby talk to the residents instead of treating them like grown people. While mistreatment and a lack of dignity and respect weren’t rampant it was bothersome. Glad to hear you’re breaking outta that joint on Tuesday. Remember to behave yourself.

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  4. my grandparents were both independent & living @ their home when they were in their mid-80s. i don’t think any of us realised how badly our older generations were treated till my mama moved into the ‘elderly flats’ as she calls them. she’s still able bodied, but calls herself the ‘kid’ on the block lol … & we’ve watched how appallingly her neighbours have been treated by their families, healthcare ‘professionals’ & randoms. i don’t like it. there’s no way we’d let my mama be treated like that. … i think society forgets that we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the generations that have gone before us.

    anyway, happy soaking & fingers crossed for tuesday!!! x

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  5. I am so behind my feed that I am mystified by ‘ I have some pretty good bruising to remind me of what happened’. Did I miss out on something major that happened in your life?
    Also, we are kids in our own minds no matter how old we get, non? 🙂

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  6. It’s sobering to be around those ‘old’ folk, isn’t it? And yeah, you ARE ‘just a kid’…well to THEM. I get that all the time and I say “Well it’s mostly true, but sometimes? I’m 150 years old or so my body tells me..” and we laugh. Here’s looking forward to your release and a very speedy recovery!

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