Tuesday Night

The splint is off and the stitches have been removed.  I have a compression sleeve on my arm and on my hand and I barely understand why I have them on.  I just nodded and said “Uh huh!” when the PA said she was going to put them on me.  All that I know is that they are a good thing and that’s enough explanation for me.

I’m off like a bunny when I do my PT walks.  That is a bunny with a sore leg but a bunny none the less.  My lil’ ball of fire kept telling me to slow down and I kept telling her things changed since she saw me three days ago and she needs to keep up.  It looks like I’m set to go home next week whether it be next Wednesday or next Tuesday.  There’s final negotiations on that to be held.

My friend George didn’t make it and it hit me hard.  Sometimes life sucks and we can’t change destiny and I’ve always known that..  Life still sucks tho.  That’s all that I want to say about my friend George other than he was a nice man and a real gentleman.

This rehab has been one hell of an eye opening experience for me.