Monday Afternoon


The Ice Maiden must have decided that we were far too comfortable with our conditions here in central Minnesota.  She’s given us snow showers for the afternoon that’s supposed to last into the early evening.  Well, I wasn’t going anywhere for New Years Eve any who so I guess it really won’t matter to me other than it made for a cold walk this afternoon.  It will be a quiet evening at home where I’m just gonna hunker down and stay warm.  Maybe I’ll do something exciting like make some hot buttered popcorn and watch a movie.  Quite a dazzling life style here in the south metro, huh?


Sunday Noon


It still amazes me at times that here I am 17 years after moving into this place and I’m still undoing mistakes made by the original owners.  I’ve always said that this is a “sweat equity home”  only “they didn’t put a whole lot of seat into their equity”.  Winter is the perfect time of year to take care of indoor chores and improvements.  I planned on working on the master bath this season but I’m a wee bit overcome by previous events.  Here I am needing a few items and I’m stuck at home for the time being.  The damn medical restrictions are throwing a huge monkey wrench into my normal routines.