Five for Friday


It’s that time of week once again.  Let’s see how we do …

1. I managed to walk 293 feet this morning with the walker.  I was sore and wore out by the end of it.  I was just shy of one length of an American football field.

2. I am really sleepy after that level of pain and punishment for today.  I keep dozing off.

3. What an odd experience to have my body checked over weekly for new bruising.  You know those ladies in PT.  They’re kinda rough on an old guy.

4. I wish the swelling in my left hand would go away.

5. Damn, I forgot to shave this morning.  I hate the place cuz my whole daily routine is upset.

There ya have it.  Feel free to comment.

30 responses to “Five for Friday

  1. it sounds like you’re doing pretty dam good considering all the changes & healings !! … is the coffee any good??? please tell me the coffees good at least! cos it would be a travesty to all human beings if it was shit coffee!!! (i’m praying for you now … 😉 )

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