Thursday Night


So we go to Kohl’s cuz they have a sale going (like as if there is never a time when they don’t have a sale going on) and we got some new walking shoes for the winter.  Miss Lily proceeded to check out the empty Kohl’s bag on the couch and somehow managed to get a leg caught and it was “Bar the door Katie cuz something is chasing me and making lotsa noise behind me” as she ran away with the bag hooked to her leg and making one helluva racket.  She managed to dump it halfway down the stairs.  I still haven’t seen her since then.  I’m sure she thinks the Earth is being invaded by space aliens or spooks or some damn thing.

One more day of work and it’s time off time.  It gets dark earlier and earlier now.  It’s time to hang the Christmas lights and get ready to turn them on starting Thanksgiving night.  The gummys always like seeing them and are just as fascinated to see Christmas lights as I was at their age.  I still am.  I guess I have never really grown up,

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