Random Thoughts for Hump Day


The camera had a hard time focusing this morning.  Me too.  I think it’s a lack of caffeine.

I also have a hard time putting eye drops in my eyes.  I have to turn my head just right so the drops don’t go running down my face (which they normally do anywho).  The end result is brain pain goes up whenever I try to put them in my eyes.  Ugh!  It’s a good thing that I don’t have to do them that often.

I didn’t hear the owl this morning.  I’m kinda disappointed.  Oh well.  We have a long winter in front of us and I suspect it will be back.

I had to add some water to the heated bird bath.  I threw my sandals on my feets so I could go out on the deck and add water to it.  It’s a wee bit cool on the toes with no socks on for this time of year.

Ooooo!  I forgot that I have all  of next week off.  I’ve been working so much and not taking any vacation time that it’s almost odd to recognize that it’s actually my name on the vacation now.  I’m so used to seeing everyone else’s name.

I’m sure I’ll think of other things after a tad.  🙂


42 thoughts on “Random Thoughts for Hump Day

  1. Stand in front of the mirror. Pull down your bottom eye lid. Pop them in the middle of the lower lid and blink.
    I wouldn’t be able to do it myself 😂 you’ll need a helper 😂

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