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  1. I just saw a Facebook post from a company that molds their cast iron skillets and then grinds and polishes to a sheen. I’ve read flax seed oil is best, but I’m betting our grandmas used lard. What did you use to grind yours down? I’m thinking of trying it on mine.


    • I’m pretty sure you’re right about our Grandmas. I don’t think they had all of the fancy oils that you have right now. I’m sure that they just used lard from the butcher’s or whatever oil or grease that they saved.

      I used a 4 1/2″ grinder with two different sanding wheels. one is an 80 grit that I used on the flat surface and one is a curved that I used to get into the area where the wall of the skillet meets the base. I used it up the sides too. the I have a sanding wheel that I attached to my cordless drill to polish the sides and the base if it needs it. I gave it two hot water scrubbings with Dawn dish soap.

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