As I sit here waiting for Trick-r-Treatin’ time …


I’m channeling my inner Iowa farm boy once again.  I’ve been curious for I dunno how long on what it would take to learn how to prepare and properly season brand new cast iron cookware.  Then I’ve wanted to know what it would take to restore rusty stuff and bring it back to life.  I started going down this road once before but I got busy and ended up giving a brand new Lodge cast iron skillet to my daughter.  I know she’s been using it but it doesn’t satisfy my curiosity.  And it’s not like I don’t like my 18/10 stainless; I just wanna learn to use cast iron

Opportunity presented itself yesterday when I found a set of three on sale fairly cheap.  Plus they’re made in China and they’re not the good Lodge stuff so I’m not gonna lose any sleep if I mess these up.  I’ll use these as my learning tools before I end up wrecking the good stuff not that I actually think I’ll wreck the cheap stuff.  Personally I think there’s a learning curve which I’ll pick up as I go from the 6″ skillet to the 8″ skillet to the 10″ skillet.  Besides, it gives me a reason to go to my store of dreams to buy the rest of the tools that I need to work thru these.

I’ll make a run to the Goodwill store later on to see what they have for sale cheap.  I’m pretty sure there are some people who cleaned out Grandma’s house and didn’t know what to do with them.  Maybe just maybe I can find some of the old stuff for cheap and give it a go to restoring them.

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  1. I have a cast iron skillet that belonged to my mother in law. She got it when she got married so it is 68 years old. A GOOD one. I am keeping it 🙂

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  2. Last year, my middle daughter asked for a cast iron skillet for her birthday. I got her a 12″ pan (I believe it was Lodge) and bought a heavy glass lid to go with it. That sucker was so heavy I could hardly lift it. I can’t imagine trying to pick it up with food in it! Personally, I’ve fallen in love with our new white porcelain pans – nothing sticks, ever, and they cook beautifully. (Plus, they’re very light – easy for an old lady to handle.)

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  3. My mother had a big cast iron fry pan she used every day for as long as I can remember. I have a 10” and a 6” that are getting there, although I use my stainless steel most of the time. My dad was a meat and potatoes man. I am a one dish person, casseroles and stews.

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  4. Wish I’d have known you wanted to try this. Toss that crap from China and watch thrift/goodwill/salvation army/flea markets and get the good Griswald or Wagner. Already seasoned.

    This stuff from China is too porous and may not take the seasoning required to make it work.

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