Halloween Tradition


Every year for Halloween my youngest daughter Boogie and I would get a bowl of hot buttered popcorn, something to drink and then we would shut the lights off and watch Nosferatu in the dark.  I’m a fan of silent movies but we really enjoyed this one.  This is one of scary as *%$! movies that transcends languages since it’s a silent.

We had this Halloween tradition for I dunno how many years until she moved out and then moved to Salt Lake.  I’ll still do it this Halloween cuz I can.

Do you have any Halloween traditions that you would like to share?  Feel free to comment if you want.  Oh and keep a wooden stake handy in the dark.  🙂

Random Thoughts for Tuesday Morning


I love my meds.  They give me the weirdest dreams and they’re so vivid too!  The one that I do remember from last night was I was in Vegas with a dental tech that I knew years ago and we were going from restaurant to restaurant in order to rate their lasagna.  Pretty good, huh???

I just had to be two yard waste bags shy of what I needed yesterday to finish cleaning the back yard.  At least I dumped a bunch of mulched up leaves in the garden beds.  I’ll take a garden fork to the beds after work and after I go to my store of dreams for some more paper sacks.  They should really beef up my beds for next year.

The gummys gave me some inspiration for something new for this Halloween.  I’ll pick that up at my store of dreams while I’m there.  I still like that big ol’ dragon.  I don’t like its price tho.  No, I’m not made of money.

There’s neighborhood tricks-or-treats tomorrow evening.  It’s the one tradition that still goes on in my area.  The weather will be good and I anticipate a lot of kids being out and about.  I wonder what the most popular costume for kids will be this year.

I brought some lunch today but I’m thinking a ham and cheese sammich sound betterer.