Sunday Night


Well crap!  Another perfectly good weekend that I managed to somehow rush thru.  I have yet to figure out I manage to do this and I’m kinda wondering if I ever will.  The girls are getting to be quite good helpers and especially whenever I call them my Sous Chefs.  They really like that and pitch in to help.  They were really good helpers for me this weekend.  I think I’ll ease them into some more tasks since they’re so eager to help but we’re tying that hair back into a pony before working near any stove.

So everyone has gone home and it’s very quiet right now.  My biggest decision that I’m facing at the moment is “Sprite or Root Beer?” before Poldark comes on.

I’m being a responsible neighbor


I have a nice canning pot full of candy since we always have kids going door-to-door for Halloween candy.  But I can’t be having none of them get sick or worse off of anything that is handed out to them.  Nope.  We can’t be having now of that.  So I have a nice random sample size of what’s gonna be handed out Wednesday night.

I gotta do the responsible thing and try this out so no one gets poisoned or anything bad like that.  Yep.  That’s the responsible and neighborly thing to do.

Art Sunday #197: Sophie Pemberton – Little Boy Boy


Sophia Theresa “Sophie” Pemberton or Sophie Pemberton Deane-Drummond (13 February 1869 – 31 October 1959) was a Canadian painter. Despite the social limitations placed on female artists at the time, she made a noteworthy contribution to Canadian art and, in 1899, was the first Canadian woman to win the Prix Julian from the Académie Julian for her portraiture. She was a near contemporary of Emily Carr, and the two artists spent much of their lives in the same small city.