If I won the lotto …


A goodly part of the balance would pay to feed a lot of hungry kids, provide care for sick kids, and to educate kids who wouldn’t normally get a shot at a decent education.

How much would really be actually enough to take care ofΒ  yourself and the ones that you love?

How much would be enough to ensure that your kids and your grands have a much better shot at life than you had and to not crawl thru the river of slime and crap that you had to crawl thru?

It’s an interesting dilemma to ponder upon.

20 thoughts on “If I won the lotto …

  1. I don’t buy lottery tickets because it would change ones life too much and not necessarily for the better. However, if i did win, I would take care of family first. Then I would set up a business employing family members and start building homes for the homeless complete with psychiatric services, drug counselling and life skills training.

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  2. I’d do that for my kids and mokos too … and then with the remaining winnings I’d bar a cafe and bar on the beach to see me through to old older age πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

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  3. I keep thinking about the giant Megamillions jackpot drawing tonight. I’ve never bought a lottery ticket in my life but I’ve been tempted to get one several times this past week (despite the horrible odds of actually winning). Haven’t done it, though. For all the amazing things that I could do with a billion dollars, in the end, I’m not really sure I would want the burden of it. I’m sure that sounds crazy.

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    1. not at all. we get by for years on our present state of income and all of a sudden there is this huge infusion of cash and people wanting to get a part of that cash that will completely overwhelm most people. I can easily understand the angst it would cause a number of people. I’m not greedy personally. I would hope that there were more than one person with a winning ticket so it’s split up amongst the winners. I can live quite comfortably on $20M myself. LOL

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  4. Well Jim, I haven’t won any lottery – could be that I don’t buy any ticket.😊.
    I think you are good at making a spreadsheet to work out the cost of running a home for a year…… , also take into account that your children and grands are capable to
    feed themselves. So adding those and hey presto, there you go.

    Good luck……oh, don’t forget more incubators for birds eggs.


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