If I won the lotto …


A goodly part of the balance would pay to feed a lot of hungry kids, provide care for sick kids, and to educate kids who wouldn’t normally get a shot at a decent education.

How much would really be actually enough to take care of  yourself and the ones that you love?

How much would be enough to ensure that your kids and your grands have a much better shot at life than you had and to not crawl thru the river of slime and crap that you had to crawl thru?

It’s an interesting dilemma to ponder upon.

Monday Morning


Lots of frost out there once again this morning.  It felt good to take a deep breath thru my most and feel the crisp central Minnesota morning air.  That and there was also some traces of the cattle farm down the road but hey this used to be farmland anywho.  I can deal with it.  It would be nicer if the road out back my house wasn’t so busy.  There was lots of traffic noise from people on their way to work disturbing another wonderful day.

One patch or marigolds let to de-head and then it’s time to pull the rest of the plant out of the planter box.  I have lots of blooms that will dry out over the winter leaving me with a ton of seeds for next year.  I’ll have quite a few to give away next year and maybe I’ll help my gummys create a marigold bed at their home so they have them next year.  They’ll like planting them and making sure that they grow.  It gives them a wonderful sense of accomplishment plus they are so easy to grow.