Another Squirrel Drawing


Here’s some more Miss Anna and Miss Leslie inspiration.  I call this one “Undocumented Squirrel that Ran Off to the UK”.

I’m almost getting pretty doggone good at doing these.  Feel free to send me a few hundred bucks and I’ll print it out and actually sign it for you.

Random Thoughts for Hump Day


The sun is not at an angle where our mornings are extremely bright if there are no clouds in the sky.  That creates a very narrow window to take morning photos before you get sun wash in the shots.  Maybe a different filter will help.  We’ll try it out and see what we get.

I looked at my lawn and it looks awfully shaggy.  The weather is decent and I think I need to mow it one last time for the year.  Besides, I know this Georgia Peach that likes it looking like it’s manicured.

It just occurred to me that my oldest will be 37 on the 21st.  How did she get to that age?  It seems like she was fresh out of high school just the other day.

I have a new snowblower now.  New implements of destruction are too cool and a whole lotta fun.  I’ll tell the girls next door that I’ve got their drive after heavy snows and after the plow goes by.  Then again, they may want to try out this new implement of destruction for themselves.  Vroom, vroom!