Monday Morning


There should be some frost on the pumpkins this morning but there isn’t.  It’s a wondrous 32*F (0C) out there right now and it appears that I’ve been somewhat successful in staying one step ahead of the weather.  The gummys and I emptied the concrete birdbath yesterday and setup the heated bath for the season.  What I didn’t do was plug it in and as you can see it’s frozen over this morning.  No worries.  It’s plugged in now and it will soon be clear for the birds.

This is typical weather for us now.  Whatever green leaves we have in the trees will quickly change and then fall.  I’ve put some thought into not clearing out the marigold beds but leave them as they are for the winter.  Maybe a bunny or two will find some shelter from the cold in them.  I’ll deadhead the flowers as they die so I have some seeds for next Spring.

Spring.  It seems so very far away right now.