5 Things for a Thursday Morning

1. Hey!  How come I lose my grip on things so easy now?  It’s a good thing I haven’t dropped my camera yet.  (touch wood)

2. Brrrr!  It’s cold out there this morning.  I could swear I saw some of that icky bad white stuff mixed in with the rain.  I must have been delusional cuz the meds hadn’t kicked in yet.

3. Who was that lady from India that I dreamed about last night??  Oo la la!

4. Settle down and get a grip son.  Have some more coffee.  It was only a dream.

5.  God, I hate driving in the dark and the rain now.  Other cars seem to pop up out of nowhere now.


22 responses to “5 Things for a Thursday Morning

  1. As to #2? You weren’t delusional. We got some here yesterday, so it’s logical that you had some there. It melted immediately of course, being sleet, but dang. It’s OCTOBER and not even late October. NO SNOW in the valleys please. Not just yet. We have a generous amount on the mountain tops around here though. Brrrrr indeed!

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      • Hey! I was of the opinion that YOU sent it here…you guys are further east and it orginates on that side, doesn’t it? 😉 Nah. I don’t want it either (well except for that whole drinking water thing) Maybe Alaska needs some more??

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