Tuesday Night


It’s one of those nights where the tube gets shut off and the fireplace is turned on.  Yeh, it’s still raining here and it’s a nice rain other than I ended up with two pairs of wet shoes.  It’s nice to sit here and listen to some Celtic Women music on Accuradio and and to listen to the rain dancing on the deck.

There’s a chill in the night air and it’s one of those damp chills that goes straight to your bones.  I close my eyes and listen to a lament and it’s somehow comforting to my soul.  It fits the mood of the evening.  The only thing missing is a nice cup of tea.

12 responses to “Tuesday Night

  1. I don’t know what’s happening here but it’s still hot and humid. I’d turn the AC on if I didn’t have the heat turned on. So, of course, nothing is on at the moment.

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