Monday Morning


I thought that I could snooze a little this morning but Miss Lily reminded me that I couldn’t.  She let out one of her throaty growls to let me know someone was at the front door.  Then I realized this morning was the day that they were coming to blow out my lawn irrigation system.  It was a good thing knowing that I had already prepared for Jeff to show up.  It’s too bad my brain doesn’t remember things like it should tho.

It’s wet out there once again.  We’re having one of our nice, cold Autumn rains.  It pretty well nixed most of my outdoor chores that I had planned for this morning.  So I’m just sitting here drinking some morning coffee and listening to the sounds of the birds coming to the feeders and the traffic passing by on the wet street.  Miss Lily is busy keeping watch on the birds.  I have no idea where Big Boy went off to.  He’s probably sleeping somewhere to save up energy so he can eat later on.