Birthday #48 —

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Thanks to my many facebook friends and other social media outlets for your outpouring of love and birthday wishes seeing another year is a blessing from God a few times I almost checked out but through it all I am still here, I just want to be able be a blessing to someone through blogging […]

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Random Thoughts for a Tuesday Morning


Ha!  I suddenly realized that I had put in for next Tuesday off so I could have a long weekend.  I completely forgot that I had put in for that day last June.  Little miracles do happen every day.  🙂

Grey and wet.  Grey and wet.  Let’s throw in so cool temps while we’re at it.  Welcome October.  Whoopey dopey.  Ugh!  Give me some sun.

It’s Employee Performance Evaluation time of year once again.  It’s time to smother them with that ton of back up information that I always keep.  It makes it rather difficult for my boss to write up a bad eval.

It’s quiet here in the early morning now that the last early morning coffee clutch member has departed.  It’s a reminder that very little remains constant in life and it usually tends to stay in perpetual forward motion.  There are times that I sit back and think of all of the people that I’ve met so far.  There are faces that I can’t put a name to any more and faces of people that I wish were still around.  They were taken away much too early.

Since this is “pumpkin spice month”, I think I’ll dig out my pumpkin bread recipe and bake a loaf this weekend.  I’m not sure if the gummys will be with me this weekend or not.  I hope they are.  I won’t have to eat it all by myself in that case.