Welcome October! (I think)


I had this vision last month that October would start sunny and with atypical central Minnesota temps.  I mean, it’s started this way for the past I dunno how many years and I had no reason to expect otherwise.  Lucky me.  It didn’t.  It’s grey skies and threatening rain for the next 10 days.

That’s thrown some of my October plans into a bit of a tailspin but it’s still OK.  There’s nothing that can’t wait until next Spring with the exception of some touch up painting which I think I’ll still get done this month.  It’s time to detach my garden hoses and put them up for another season.  It would be nice to learn that the compost yard still has some garden soil so I can top off some of my garden beds before a killing frost.

In the meanwhile, I have a trip to the local hardware store to buy a length of chain so I can hang my two new bird houses.