Saturday Afternoon


I spent part of the day today building and sanding a couple new birdhouses for my yard.  The lumber was the right price (FREE) since the pine was used as transport materials when they delivered my decking materials this past summer.  I like free.  🙂

Petey should be going to the body shop sometime this week (hopefully) which will give me some room in the garage to prime the houses and then give them two coats of paint so I can fasten the roofs on to the houses.

It will nice to have these finished and into trees come next Saturday.

We have some of Miss Anna’s temperatures


Light frost in late September.  Ugh!  It’s a good thing I got my herbs in this week or else I could have lost them all.  It’s also a rather pleasant and balmy 35*F (2C) out there as well.  Any cooler and I’ll ave to consider not putting my shorts on until around noon.  I’m still good to go for my first morning walk; I’ll just throw a hoodie on.

It’s almost time to start digging out cold weather stuff to put in my day pack that I use for work.  Now, where did I put my fleece gloves?