4 thoughts on “And now it’s time to hear from Judge Kavanaugh …

  1. I’ve never liked SNL , I feel they find their “humor” at the expense of others and this situation is way too serious to make a mockery over it. I feel for both Judge Kavanaugh and for Dr. Ford.
    Having said that, I realize people find humor in many ways and I am just a grumpy old lady so what do I know? 😶
    Have a nice week my friend.

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      1. I watched both of them and I was left with more questions than answers with both of them. I see holes in both stories, but that does not make me want to mock either one, because no matter which one is lying , or if either believes they are telling the truth when they aren’t, then someone needs serious help. And sorry, but I feel pain for the families of both of those people regardless of who is right or wrong. I feel for the spouses and the children and I am not going to watch SNL clips mocking either of them, or clips from any pathetic comedy show that takes the troubles of anyone and mocks them. None of this is going to serve to bring this country together again. I don’t know which of them is lying. I saw problems with both of them. But if I have learned anything in this life, I have learned that truth always prevails, even if it is years down the road.


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