I love all of these Bigfoot shows on the TV


All these so called “experts” with all of their fancy equipment and their big “I love sheep trucks” and camera crews and do ya think that once, just once, they would get some decent video on the doggone thing?


Here’s an idea for a TV show on something is is “supposed” to actually exist but hasn’t been actually proven to exist.  They could call it …

“Honest Politicians in Washington DC”

Random Thoughts on Hump Day


A few more days and another September of my life is over.  Time passes by way too quickly at times.  The days are cooler now and it looks like our 70*F days are finally over for the year.  It will be an excellent weekend for a fire pit this weekend if the weather holds.  Yeh.  Time passes too quickly.

One final coat of joint compound went on the wall patch this morning.  A little sanding after work and that area will be as smooth as a baby’s bottom.  I’m glad that I paid attention to the older guys who gave me life lessons that no one seems to teach any more. A good coat of primer and I’ll be ready to paint tomorrow after work.  I’ll do the entire small wall where the patch is so the paint blends evenly.  You’d would never know it’s there after I’m done.

Yesterday evening is best forgotten.  Face the bad times with a smile.  Chocolate soothes.

My weekend project is to build some birdhouses.  I promised Miss Bianca that I would post some photos.  It will be a good way to get rid of some of the lumber that I salvaged when they delivered my deck materials.  Some things I hate to waste.