Welcome Autumn


It’s officially “cool” out there this morning as we start another Autumn in my life.  I know it’s cool out there because I could see my breath every now and then when I ducked in and out of the shadows of my neighbor’s homes when I went for my morning walk.  I checked the temp when I finished up and learned that it’s a lovely 46*F (8C) out there right now.  Any cooler and I may have to start thinking about wearing jeans instead of walking shorts for my first walk of the day.

The Bluejays are crying up a storm out there as they flit in and out to feed at my one feeder.  I have three that have been flying in and out to feed and they let each other know when they think one has had more than their share of bird seed for a particular moment.  They’re pretty to look at but aggressive and a bit noisy.  They’re a bit messy as well.

I’ve been sitting here drinking my  morning coffee and listening to the “pop, pop, pop” of shotguns off in the distance.  Duck and goose season is off once again in central Minnesota.  I can’;t help but think about my ducks and I wonder if they’re OK since they were released into the wild.  There are certain facts of life and one is Mallards taste good when prepared right and even though I don’t hunt there are others that do.  Maybe it’s just one of those things that I’m better off not knowing.  I would be wonderful if at least one of them could someday make it back to visit me.

SoCS – flour’s my jam — Riddle from the Middle

Miss Laura is just a few new followers away from …. oh hell, I don’t remember how many followers.  But that’s not the point.  Give her WP a look see and a follow if you aren’t already.

I’ll hit 2,000 followers in what?  3 or 4 years?  I’m a tad pokey.


Linda’s stream of consciousness prompt this week is flower/flour, two words that hold reciprocal meanings for me. Not in the dictionary, obviously, but personally. Personally, I’ve got a lose/win situation with these two things. If you wanted to draw a cartoon of me and flowers – I know, it’s weird, now I’m assuming you’re an […]

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