Thursday Night


Summer is desperately trying to hang on here in  central Minnesota.  The week days have been warm and sunny but the fading light of day gives way to cool breezes.  Nighttime light brings dew forming on the grass and the drying leaves.  All you have to do is take a walk or sit quietly on your deck or front porch and listen to the sounds of the geese flocking together.  Larger flocks of ducks fly the the sunset sky with the air whistling between their feathers.

I’m sitting here in the dark with only the light of my MacBook and the street lamps outside.  I have the TV off and some quiet piano music playing on a YouTube vid. It somehow helps me deal withe the pain of a headache that never wants to go away.  Various thoughts flood thru and play thru my brain and all of them I usually keep private.  I feel sometimes that some people know far more than what I feel that they should know and what specifically is going on inside of me.  I hate that feeling of invasion.

I want my days to slow down now.  I want to capture moments in time and replay them so I can enjoy them again and again.  It would be wonderful to smell the sweet smell of my crabapple blossoms again and again or even re-live the first moments when I was teaching my gummys how to garden and listen to and answer their questions.  I would give a years pay to smell the musty smell of wet leaves and cool, crisp apples picked straight from the tree from back home once again.

If heaven is anything that you want it to be, wouldn’t it be a grand place if you could experience special moments in time over and over again?

Thursday Morning


I left Miss Lily in charge of the house this morning.  I’d leave Big Boy in charge but I’m afraid it would cut into his sleeping time until his next feeding.  It’s not that he’s lazy, he’s more of a … “Don’t trip over me cuz I’m sleeping here” kinda cat.  He likes to save and conserve as much energy as he can.