And the final verdict is …


Dead battery with dead cells.  And I was right in as much as I have never changed the battery in my ride ever since I first bought her new, bright and shiny and straight off the showroom floor.  That makes 11+ years with the original battery.

Note to Self:  Let’s not repeat this experience again.

Oh yeh.  Clean up that engine bay.

Wednesday Morning


Can dreams foretell the future or are they simply dreams?  I think they can and do.  I guess that makes me weird or something.  It may even make me a bit of an eccentric or foolish in the eyes of other people; not that I really care about  about that mind you.  But I had a vivid dream last night that was so real that it was hard for me to distinguish between reality and the dream world when I was going thru that initial wake up brain fog this morning.

It’s very unsettling for me and last night’s dream was even more so.  My mental health therapist and I talk at length about the dreams that I have now due to the medications that I’m currently taking.  I make no claim on being a medical expert since I have a business degree and not a medical degree.  And I was also raised to be a Roman Catholic in my youth even tho I don’t practice the faith at this time.  But I do believe that I’m a reasonably intelligent and open minded human being that maintains some degree of spirituality.

I came to believe a long time ago that the human brain and it’s full potential is largely unknown.  I’ve also came to believe a long time ago that are things that are largely unexplainable from a scientific standpoint yet they do exist in our world.  There have been may times where I went to bed with a problem and a dream provided a solution to the problem for me.  I don’t know for a scientific fact that there is a higher power that provides guidance to us.  What I do have is a faith that something exists yet I can’t prove it to anyone.  I just know in my mind that it exists and I offer no explanations or apologies for this particular belief.

Maybe dreams foretell warnings about the future.  Maybe they foretell warnings of things to come if one doesn’t change their ways.  Maybe it was the meds.  I dunno.  Last night was vivid and it was scary.  I only hope that it doesn’t actually come to pass.