Random Thoughts for a Monday Morning


The final verdict on Petey is she has one or more dead cells in her battery.  She fired right off after I connected the jumper cables to her but she refused to do anything after I left them on for 15 minutes to see if it would charge.  While I’m non awfully happy about the expense, it could be far worse with having to have her towed to Vee Dub and then possible repair expenses.  I’ll have to pull the owner’s manual out and see how Vee Deb says the battery needs to be removed.  Gee!  A guy the reads instructions.

I must have a hole in my bottom lip.  I keep dripping coffee on to my desk.

One good thing about this time of year where we are transitioning into Autumn is the morning temps.  They make for beautiful mornings for my first walk of the day.  The sky is blue, the air was nice and cool and I listened to the Blue Jays squawking and calling one another.  The trees still have green leaves but I suspect that won’t last for too much longer.

More later.  🙂