I’ve been driving “Beater Truck” a lot since I buggered up Petey’s right front fender at the parking ramp.  I’ve been letting her sit in the garage and I obviously didn’t pay attention to just how long it’s been since I started her last.

End result:  Dead battery this morning.

Oops!  Well, thank god I have a battery charger.

Note to Self:  Hey dummy!  Set some reminders on your phone so this doesn’t happen again, ya idgit.  And while you’re at it, take her to the car wash and wash out that engine bay.  Sheesh!  There’s enough dirt in there to grow tomatoes.

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  1. This is the problem with having two cars you drive. It is hard to remember to start the one you don’t drive normally. Been there myself. Had a Mercedes G500 we kept in the garage, and when that battery drained it was a total nightmare to get to the battery, because it was way under the rear seat. Ugggh!!!

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