A Few Random Thoughts for Thursday Morning


I really hate Thursday morning meetings with the managers.  It’s not like I really need to attend.  The meeting is for them and not me and I just sit there like a plant begging to be watered.

Woo hoo!  Decent weather for a week!  Its time for “Go Man Go!” to get some things done before Mother Nature changes her mind.  I found something that needed repair that caught me unawares.  I was like “When did that happen?”  It’s not like it will take very long to repair but it’s somehow annoying to me.

One more PT appointment.  Maybe I’ll be done with the Mistresses of Pain after today.

Saturday is “The Game” where Iowa plays that other school that we won’t mention by name.  All I will say is it is a school, it is in Ames, the students and fans hate the other side and I think they’re a bunch of clowns.  How bad is the hate?  Let’s put it this way; Ohio State vs. Michigan is tame in comparison.

More later.  🙂