Good Boy!


Big Boy killed a pair of socks that I had folded but forgot to put away.  I think he realizes that they lay in wait and then pounce on you to cause a level of mayhem when you least expect it.

Of course he wanted a piece of sliced turkey for his efforts.  That was something that resembled work and that burned a lot of energy when he could have been sleeping.  I’m so glad that he watches out for me.

Random Thoughts for Hump Day


I love this thought that I read today:  “Live as if you were never hurt.”  I think it invokes that there is a time to to let all of the negative vibes go.  They’re only cancerous in your life anywho.  It’s very appropriate for my job lately and some aspects of my private life.

It’s a beautiful late summer morning here in central Minnesota.  It was “jacket cool” when I went for my first walk.  It’s a pleasant 59*F (15C) out there.  It’s time to think about wrapping up my garden for the year.  It’s also a good day to open up the windows and let all of the fresh air in my place.

It’s gonna be squirrel season once again around my place if that damn thing doesn’t stay out of my bird feeders.

Ugh!  It’s hard to focus on this on-line course that I’m taking.  I gotta get serious here.