Monday Afternoon


It’s almost hard to admit to having only a few weeks left to make improvements and work on my yard.  October will end up being my “rake up leaves” month.  And as impossible as it sounds to me, I’ve noticed that some of the trees have started to turn colors.  Ugh!

What’s even more shocking is I was just speaking to seeing the last of our 90*F days and now it looks as if we’re also starting to see the last of our 80*F days for this season as well.  Double ugh!  Where did my warm weather disappear to?  I’m going to be seeing that icky bad white stuff way too soon for me.  How did the world get this this?



I slipped away from my work computer a short while ago to make my bed.  I come back to take a sip of coffee only to discover that a fly had landed in it.

Yeh.  I had a mess to clean up on my desk.

Waiter!  A clean cup if you please!