Sunday Morning


We’re starting to wind up late summer here in central Minnesota.  There was a nice cool breeze when I was out walking this morning and it stayed around longer as the morning progressed.  It’s gone for now but it will return late this afternoon when evening arrives.  Mother Nature is signaling to me the season that will soon arrive.

The garden is starting to wind up as well.  Carrots are all done as are the pumpkins.  I haven’t quite got the hang of growing pumpkins but I’ve got some ideas to try next year.  The green beans and cucumbers are still producing but you can tell that their vines are beginning to give out.  The potatoes will soon be ready for digging up out of the ground and I really don’t know if I’ll ever get any broccoli or not this year.  That’s something else to look into for next year.

I spent quite a while deadheading marigolds after I was done with the garden.  I managed to find one paper sack and I’ve made some mental notes to find a couple more.  I’ll deadhead the flowers and place the dead blooms in paper sacks so I’ve got some seeds for next season.  My fingers smell like marigold oil right now.  I’ll have to get all cleaned up and scrub my fingers quite a bit to get rid of that smell.

Next season.  It’s strange that I’m even contemplating a “next season” right now.  Where has this one gone to?

Author: Jim

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