Engineers and Marketing Managers are Goofballs


I like how engineers design drain hose for guttering to come complete with hose couplers that don’t couple anything like they are supposed to.  I’m sure some Marketing Manager had them design like that on purpose so that they would get you to spend money on the hopes that you would lose the receipt and not take back hose couplers that won’t work like they are intended to work.

Silly engineers and Marketing Managers.  Don’t you know that GI’s and kids from farm country channel an inner MacGyver?  A little snip-snip with the aviation snips and some duct tape and it all goes together faster than those knuckleheads thought it would go together.  We didn’t get much TV overseas but we did get AFRTS and it did televise MacGyver episodes.  We used to sometimes debate how we would or could one up MacGyver.  What else are you going to do when you’re 8,000 miles away from home and there are 25 guys for every woman?

And I’ll guarantee you it won’t leak neither.

5 thoughts on “Engineers and Marketing Managers are Goofballs

  1. Send those extra 7 men to Utah. Here? The women outnumber the men 25 to 1. A guy who has a pulse is fair game for most ladies ’round here. It’s odd (to me) how the mix gets shaken down sometimes..

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