Monday Night


It’s hot out there tonight.  Hot and humid.  The Cicadas (or Locusts) are really singing away tonight.  We used to say that we had 6 more weeks of summer weather left when I was a kid growing up in southern Iowa.  The older people in the neighborhood used to say that it would be 6 more weeks until a frost.  I guess it didn’t really matter who was right since summer weather was going to be going away to replaced by crisp Autumn nights.  It’s perfect weather for night time high school football games.

We did have a breeze tho today.  It was coming out of the south and pulling humidity with it.  But if you actually took the time to actually feel the breeze on your face then you would have realized like I had that there was an element of cool air being pulled with it as well.  It reminds me that hot central Minnesota summer weather is about over for the year.  Maybe we’ll keep the 70*+ temps for another month but the inevitable conclusion to summer and yet another short Autumn is rapidly approaching.