Art Sunday #186: Pieter de Hooch – Cardplayers in a Sunlit Room


Pieter de Hooch, also spelled “Hoogh” or “Hooghe”; 20 December 1629 (baptized) – 24 March 1684 (buried)) was a Dutch Golden Age painter famous for his genre works of quiet domestic scenes with an open doorway. He was a contemporary of Jan Vermeer in the DelftGuild of St. Luke, with whom his work shares themes and style.

His work showed astute observation of the mundane details of everyday life while also functioning as well-ordered morality tales. These paintings often exhibited a sophisticated and delicate treatment of light similar to those of Vermeer, who lived in Delft at the same time as de Hooch.




Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 7.57.00 AM

I earned my next Fitbit badge.  One would think that with the amount of walking that I’ve put in since April of last year that I would have lost a bit of weight but I haven’t.  No worries, right?  It’s all good for the heart and I’m a one hump camel now.  That’s kinda disappointing since I thought I was a one star Sneetch instead.

I wonder what the next one will be.  No, no, no!  Don’t tell me.