Monday Morning


It was foggy and grey out there this morning.  Everything was wet from the dew that formed last night.  At least the morning breeze was cool and the birds were singing when I went out for my first PT walk of the day.  That makes up for a lot in my opinion.  The fog will burn off and the humidity will build. That’s the downside for today’s weather.

My green beans are just not producing this week.  What a disappointment.  I tried a new variety and they’re just not working out for me.  We’ll have to see what Burpee has in their catalog next Spring and find a good bush been to plant instead.  I’ll save what I have for the zombie apocalypse if it ever rolls around.  In the mean while, I told the gummys that we would make a run to the farm stand on Thursday afternoon to get a bushel of green beans.  They’ll like that trip and seeing her cats.

So we have two quick errands to run after work and then I have to do my German thingee of cleaning up the street in front of my place.  It’s gotta be neat and tidy.  I can’t be letting anyone think that I keep an unkept home.  Nah.  That wouldn’t be good.