So I set up my Mr. Coffee last night so I would have a pot of coffee waiting for me when I got out of bed this morning.  I was obviously distracted after spending most of the day doing inside chores cuz I forgot to put the basket in that holds the filter and the coffee grounds.  The end result:  A pot full of coffee grounds.

I blame Jason for creating this problem.

It’s OK.  He doesn’t come around any more anywho.  We can talk about him this way.  He’d just blame Gary anywho.

Art Sunday #185: August Macke – Tightrope Walker


August Macke (3 January 1887 – 26 September 1914) was a German Expressionist painter. He was one of the leading members of the German Expressionist group Der Blaue Reiter (The Blue Rider). He lived during a particularly innovative time for German art: he saw the development of the main German Expressionist movements as well as the arrival of the successive avant-garde movements which were forming in the rest of Europe. Like a true artist of his time, Macke knew how to integrate into his painting the elements of the avant-garde which most interested him.