So …


Someone asked me today if I was crazy.  I said “No, I’m medicated.  Get it right.”

Well, I didn’t say it exactly that way cuz nor did I use those exact polite words.  One never knows if there are little kids, priests, nuns and lil’ old blue haired ladies running around here on WP.  Do they really wanna I dropped an f-bomb on them???

Na.  I didn’t think so neither.

Yanno …


Sometimes the best way to eat ice cream is not out of a bowl or in a cone; rather, ya eat it right out of the bucket as it sits on your lap.  Which will probably result in someone either thinking or saying …

“Yeh and I bet you drink milk right from the carton too.”

Hey, I’ll neither confirm nor deny something like that but it’s been known that a ghost may do that in my house from time to time or on a special occasion.