Month: August 2018

It’s that time of year once again …

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When American college football begins once again.  With cheering fans …


And handsome guys in the stands …


And some guys like me …

giphy (1)

And guys that only a Momma could love …

giphy (2)

And lotsa other cheering peoples in the stands …


And some student traditions …

giphy (3)

And over-paid coaches setting wonderful examples …


And some we’re not really sure what they’re trying to do …


And exciting plays on the field …


And players celebrating …


And some dancing …


And let’s not forget the perty girls …


But in the end, someone is gonna lose ..


And Alabama will more than likely win yet another National Championship whether we like it or not.



Oh well …

“Go Hawks!”

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Five for Friday

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Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon 1980 Ad. Business. Stock Number: 09210.

It’s that time of week to do battle with that side of my brain that says that I can’t do this.  Let’s see …

1. This is the last summer Friday that I’m watching my gummys.  They start school next week and I won’t be watching them agin for Mom & Dad until the Christmas break.  I promised them that they could stay up late for a fire pit and smores “IF” it didn’t rain like it’s supposed to.  The same with a little outing planned for tomorrow morning before we meet Mom & Dad for lunch so they can pick them up.

2.  I’m still loving these late summer morning breezes.  I’ve always loved late summer other than whenever school starting occurred.

3.  Another Labor Day weekend and yet another one without a Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon for MD.  They just aren’t the same for me any more.

4. Boogie called last night and she’s a tad bit homesick out in Salt Lake.  I know the feeling well with living miles away from home and not knowing when you’ll get home again.  I know how she feels.  Maybe guys hold it inward better than the ladies.  I dunno.

5. I went out on to the deck last night to enjoy the breeze and didn’t notice that I hadn’t shut the screen door completely.  Miss Lily slipped outside and joined me without letting me know.  I found out tho when I went back inside and shut the door behind me.  Poor kitty.  She was banging on the screen door to get back inside.  Was she ever mad at me when I opened it to let her in.

There ya have it.  Feel free to comment and/or wave a hearty “Aloha!” on your way thru if’n ya want.   🙂

Thursday Morning

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Is it Friday yet?  No?  Damn!  It’s back to work for me in that case.

A Thought for “It’s Almost Friday!”

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