Progress.  It doesn’t look like it, but it is.  I have a little over a week to get the rest of the demo done, clear out on and under the deck and then  check the alignment of all of the deck boards with one another.  I’d like to install everything myself but that ended up being a heated discussion.  Sometimes the better part of valor is to live to fight another day.

On to other things …

Ten jars of strawberry jelly have been cooked and I’m just waiting for them to jell.  There’s grass to mow and some green beans to pick today.  It’s time to catch up after spending most of yesterday goofing off other than doing my PT walks.  August is right around the corner.  That leaves me two months.  Two months.  Where has the year gone?

Art Sunday #184: John Piper – Covehithe Church

Covehithe Church 1983 by John Piper 1903-1992

John Egerton Christmas Piper CH (13 December 1903 – 28 June 1992) was an English painter, printmaker and designer of stained-glass windows and both opera and theatre sets. His work often focused on the British landscape, especially churches and monuments, and included tapestry designs, book jackets, screen-prints, photography, fabrics and ceramics. He was educated at Epsom College and trained at the Richmond School of Art, followed by the Royal College of Art in London. He turned from abstraction early in his career, concentrating on a more naturalistic but distinctive approach, but often worked in several different styles throughout his career. He was an official war artist in World War II and his war-time depictions of bomb damaged churches and landmarks, most notably those of Coventry Cathedral, made Piper a household name and led to his work being acquired by several public collections. Piper collaborated with many others, including the poets John Betjeman and Geoffrey Grigson on the Shell Guides, and with the potter Geoffrey Eastop and the artist Ben Nicholson. In his later years he produced many limited-edition prints.



Five for Friday


It’s that time of week once again when I do battle with my brain to see just how long that it takes me to come up with five things.  Let’s see …

1. What is it about sleeping on a bed with clean sheets?  I’ve always liked that ever since I was a kid.  Maybe it’s the smell of “clean”.  Maybe it reminds me of when Momma used to dry our stuff on a clothesline outside instead of using a clothes dryer.

2. This is an “odd jobs” weekend for me.  In other words, it’s a weekend to get all of my little chores done that I have been putting off for a while.  Like defrosting my freezer that’s in my garage.  I hate

3. I’m still waiting for my building materials to be delivered.  At least they refunded the delivery fee but still.  Ugh!

4. It’s so much fun to scare the squirrels that come into my yard.  They’re to the point where they either try to sneak across unnoticed or they run like hell across the berm to get to the other side.  It’s funny watching them twitch their tails in annoyance with me.

5. Ugh!  The constant battle to get the gummys to share things.  I know that they’re kids and they’re only 7 years old but still they have to learn that there are sometimes only one of something and they both can’t have it or both use it.  I set down “use time” limits whenever they’re with me to cut down on the fighting.

Wow!  That was faster than last week.  Feel free to comment and/or say a hearty ‘Hi-Yo Silver!” on your way thru if you want.  🙂


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