Random Thoughts for Hump Day Morning


I got my cart done other than a little touch up here and there.  I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking “Wow!  How does he handle such a fast paced and exotic life?”  Well the real answer is “I really don’t know.”  I know.  It’s all BS but it’s what I’ve got.  😉  On to the next project. On to the next project.

I’m all by my onesy in “The Cave” today.  I’m going to have to change the day of the week that I come in.  I’m supposed to be around people.  I can be at home all by myself … other that Big Boy and Miss Lily of course.  Do they count as people?  Oh wait!  Our HR lady came in today.  Well, I’m not alone then.

I keep rolling my eyes at El Presidente.  I keep thinking that maybe it’s almost time to immigrate to Bavaria or to Austria.  I wonder if the Germans or the Austrians would be able to understand my German spoken with a Missouri drawl?  Maybe they wouldn’t care once they found out that I can cook and bake.

It’s an immigration day here in our building.  I think they’re swearing in a good number of new citizens today.  That’s pretty cool in my eyes.

Well, I can’t think of anything else for right now.  Off to the work races.  🙂