Hidden Treasure


I noticed from my kitchen window that there was some trash underneath my evergreen tree.  I went out to pick it up and I noticed something orange in the dirt.  It turned out that it was a little car after I washed the dirt off of it.  It couldn’t have belonged to the 3 year old that lived here before I moved in.  It’s a 2005 dodge Viper and I moved in the house January 2002.  I wonder now what little guy(s) was (were) playing under my tree while I was at work.

Monday Morning


So I’m sitting here half organized and half unorganized this morning.  Maybe half is better than not at all. But at least I got all of my nit noid taskers done and out of the way for now.  I’ve noticed that I have a new and unexpected project that I have to get on after work which means another trip to my store of dreams.  I need to a new spade since my other one is well used and worn, so I may as well get that too while I’m there.

My water barrel experiment has gone much better than expected like I said last night.  I have a stand on order and we’ll see how that works out once I pick it up and set the barrel on it.  I looked at the kits to connect two rain barrels together and I don’t like it at all.  I’ll re-engineer something better on that for when I install another barrel.  Now I’m wondering how I could increase the pressure on the water since it’s all gravity flow out of the barrels.  It’s something to think about.