Saturday Night

Just sitting here thinking thru the day and and pondering what I didn’t get done like I had planned.  It’s a tough thing for me to do it right now.  My short term memory isn’t so good right now.  Maybe it’s due to the increase on a med that my CNP did.  I dunno.

\The plus side of the increase is I don’t get as excitable as I once did.  I’m a lot calmer whenever I’m dealing with someone who is all angry and upset.  Actually I look at them like they must have lost their damn minds.  It’s almost humorous to me actually.

The down side is realizing that I didn’t so what I was supposed to do or what I told someone that I would do a couple days ago.  I suddenly remember things that should have been done but went into a temporary Black Hole instead.  Then I look at my WP Reader and wonder why I’m missing other people’s posts.

It’s frustrating.