Do we have friends left in the UK???


So I’ve learned that El Preaidente has once again demonstrated his award winning ill manners to the world.  Rather than be extremely mad at us, would it be presumptuous if I made some polite suggestions to our friends in the UK.?  That is, of course, if we have any friends left there.

It seems to me that maybe we have a few … business men … who could help you out.


I believe that her majesty may just have a quality place for El Presidente to stay.


And given security concerns, you could even have him brought thru a rather private entrance.


And then when he’s all comfy, cozy …


Mind you it’s only a suggestion but I think you could get some people here behind you on this one.

16 thoughts on “Do we have friends left in the UK???

  1. I hope they can tell the difference between your bad guy and all the rest of you that I guess is nicer. If it is so, then you might have some friends left there 🙂 “pling”

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  2. Oh well, we did have a visitor here yesterday and he landed in a small airport half an hour from where I live. LONDON done and dusted and we are special friends.😊. Scotland next.
    It’s a funny world Jim, very funny.

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