Do we have friends left in the UK???


So I’ve learned that El Preaidente has once again demonstrated his award winning ill manners to the world.  Rather than be extremely mad at us, would it be presumptuous if I made some polite suggestions to our friends in the UK.?  That is, of course, if we have any friends left there.

It seems to me that maybe we have a few … business men … who could help you out.


I believe that her majesty may just have a quality place for El Presidente to stay.


And given security concerns, you could even have him brought thru a rather private entrance.


And then when he’s all comfy, cozy …


Mind you it’s only a suggestion but I think you could get some people here behind you on this one.

Five for Friday

unnamed (6)

Well it’s that time of week once again where I still do battle with my brain.  Let’s see what we have up my sleeve this week.

1. The gutters that I had installed on my house this week worked amazingly well,  I used to have my own version of Victoria Falls whenever the rain came off of where the east facing roof and the dormer roof met.  Not any more.  That’s one more issue removed off of my list.

2. I got my rain barrel repair kit installed just in time too.  The rain coming off of the north facing roof of the shed completely filled the 45 gallon rain barrel.  Wow!

3. It’s going to be a wet weekend for us. We’re having a nice soaking rain falling right now in central Minnesota.  These are some nice rains to walk in but I guess I’m just weird that way.

4. It’s Friday the 13th.  I decided to tempt the fates by doing 13 rounds for my initial morning walk instead of my normal 8 – 10.

5. I found my old Olympus FE-360 digital camera and it still works.  Well, it works as long as the battery holds a charge which isn’t very long.  So, I ordered a new battery for it.  Now I have to find back the cord to plug it in to a USB port so i can download the pics.  ‘m pretty sure I know where that is.  I think I’ll keep it in my backpack or in my car so I have a camera (or something that looks like a camera) whenever I don’t have my normal camera with me.

Well, there ya have it.  Take that brain!  Feel free to comment and/or maybe tempt the fates by doing something outside the norm today.