Random Thoughts for Thursday


Yea!  The rain barrel parts that I needed came in this morning.  Now I can go put it together so I have a fully functional unit.  I will admit that I really don’t care for the over flow drain setup.  I think I’ll do a little measuring and go see what I can find at my local hardware store.  I love re-engineering stuff so it’s better than it was originally designed.

Man, I have this huge craving for some ice cream.  Too bad I don’t have any.

I’ll finish up my BOM at my store of dreams and start work on the “finish the deck” project.  I figure that I can have the decking fairly well squared away by Sunday if the weather holds.  It’s going to be 3 weeks before the materials would be delivered once I order them, I still don’t have a permit from the city and I haven’t worked out a installer (other than myself).  I can do it but an installer would get it done in a day or two tops.  Plus they’d be responsible for the permitting.

Damn!  I forgot to contact my driveway sealer company.  I better get on that sometime today.

I just love ambiguous and half baked instructions coming down from higher headquarters whenever it’s dealing with compliance issues.  I must be a government operation.  LOL